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If you are an artist or own a small business and ready to refer clients to CliquePrize, please complete the form below to sign-up. 

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  • $10 for every verified Sponsor Account you refer
  • 30% of the base sale for every promotion your referral Sponsor runs on CliquePrize. Promotions start at $99. 

CliquePrize is designed to be local by nearest metro market. QR codes track all the prizes you need to fulfill as well as offer a method to unlock Private Promotions.


CliquePrize is the new iPhone app for small business and artist lead generation.

When you are ready to run a giveaway on CliquePrize, here's how it works:

  • Download the CliquePrize in the Apple App Store with a special link
  • Once approved as a Sponsor, click on the Home and the "+" button (lower right corner) to activate the offer
  • You can choose to run a Public or Private Sweepstakes - this is what will help you build an email marketing list - both will be the same cost
  • Decide which prizes you want to give away such as a FREE Offer for 2 (TWO) at your place of business and watch your email marketing list grow!
  • Target local customers! CliquePrize will do its best to verify each Entrant called Contestants
  • If you just want to target an invite-only list, then choose a Private Promotion! Its the same $99 price. It comes with a FREE poster and a bar code to display at your business for just your customers to win!
  • Upload your own graphics and logo or use one of our 45+ category templates!
  • When the promotion is over and you fulfill the prize, buy each Contestant record starting at $1/record - remember its optional but you can build your target customer email list
  • Then if you need help with email marketing, our Digital Media team is here to help!
  • If you have issues with the form, please contact sponsors (at) cliqueprize.com or visit www.cliqueprize.com

No matter what, don't miss out...
Get a FREE Business Page just for creating a CliquePrize Sponsor account.

Every Sponsor on CliquePrize gets also gets a FREE Bullseye! Page that showcases your brand, website, social media and CliquePrize promotions (if any) for Contestants to find via our Sponsor Directory (alphabetical).

Click on Settings > My Bullseye! Page to get started!


Forget the fishbowl promotions.

Those days are over. Picking business cards from a fishbowl won't grow your business. In fact, it doesn't move the needle at all. Create an email marketing list the right way and focus on your most coveted target prospects: repeat buyers.


Customize your promotion to your business.

Make it fun and worthwhile. When you give away prizes, think about your target customer. What would they want to win? Be strategic and think of value. The more valuable the prize, the more likely more people will enter.


Redeem prizes with ease.

With CliquePrize, you can create a QR code which Contestants can show you at your business with their phone. Scan in the QR code on your phone using the Redeem feature. Then simply discount the product or service manually at your register to the winner. Its that simple.


Choose physical prizes if you prefer.

With CliquePrize, it's not a problem. You can send your prize to the winner with any major carrier and the Contestant can scan receipt of the prize with a QR code in the same way as a digital prize. This will confirm receipt or we'll use delivery confirmation. Either way, CliquePrize makes prize fulfillment easy and simple.

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